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Eckstein Learning Solutions helps you discover the root cause of  learning difficulties.

When learning is difficult, many families initially turn to tutoring. Tutoring can provide in-depth repetition of academic content or redeliver missed content in a different way, helping students with different learning styles. This can be helpful if the reason information wasn't grasped the first time was because of missed classes or inadequate instruction. But if the information was delivered well the first time, then tutoring isn't the solution. The solution is brain training.


Brain training doesn't teach or reteach information. It improves how the brain grasps, remembers and uses that information, which unlike tutoring, addresses the root of the problem. Even better, the improvements are lasting.


That means brain training improves how the brain thinks, learns and remembers, not for a single class or an academic year, but for every class in every area of life from now on.


Our program works from the bottom up!


We get to the root of the problem and build strong foundations for learning by strengthening weak cognitive and motor skills. 

Once your child has "solid roots", we can build on them with structured multi-sensory learning methods to form a strong foundation for your child's learning success.

Unidentified and unaddressed learning problems can have long-term consequences.

Cognitive Skills Training can significantly improve, and often alleviate, the problem entirely.

Call us today to set up an appointment for a Comprehensive Cognitive Skills Assessment.

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