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Call to set up a free initial 30-minute phone consultation. We want you to ask all your questions and want to be sure you get as many answers as you are hoping to feel comfortable before you schedule your comprehensive cognitive skills assessment.



After learning more about your child, we will start with a comprehensive cognitive skills assessment to identify your strengths and areas of growth in cognitive skills. The Cognitive Skills Assessment is foundational to everything we do.Please bring all relevant previous assessments of your child. We will use the results of the assessment, along with the parent questionnaires and teacher feedback, to plan an individualized learning program with up to three phases of intervention that will meet the specific needs of your child.



During the parent consultation we share the results and, with your input from the parent questionnaires, we develop a customized plan to target and strengthen those weak areas.
For many families, the consultation provides that “Aha!” kind of moment when everything suddenly makes sense. You’ll see exactly how your unique cognitive skill strengths and weaknesses are behind many of the successes—and struggles—you’ve been experiencing.




We will start by focusing on your child's foundational cognitive skills through the first level of our program. This first level strengthens the cognitive skills needed for successful learning. It typically runs for about three months, with some students needing more time in order to meet their personal goals.

For some students, this is the only level of training necessary to become a successful learner.

Student works one-on-one doing intense mental exercises that stimulate the brain to make lasting changes in how it performs. This process is fun and motivating while challenging the student to work at the edge of their abilities.

Your child will have multiple one-on-one sessions each week to ensure that their skills can develop with the frequency, intensity, and duration needed for lasting growth.  Regular sessions are based on your agreed-on schedule, typically lasting 90 minutes, 3 times per week.



After completing the first level of our program, we will test your child’s processing and cognitive skills again. This will show us the progress your child has made so far. Together we decide if your child would benefit from the next level of our program or if the progress made is sufficient enough to send your child on their way.

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