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Building stronger brains for better lives!

Stronger Brains combines brain plasticity science with evidence-based tools such as mindfulness, gratitude, healthy relationships, good sleep patterns, and physical activity to help students learn about their brains and the power they have within themselves.


What is the Science behind this Program? 

The science underlying this program was developed by co-founder and professor emeritus at UCSF, Dr. Michael Merzenich. Dr. Merzenich is a world-leading expert on brain plasticity who spent decades researching the brain's ability to change and developing scientifically proven methods for improving brain health, performance, and wellness. 

                  Personalized Brain Assessment

Each brain is scientifically assessed using a quantitative online assessment tool unique to Stronger Brains, designed by world-leading neuroscientist, Dr. Michael Merzenich and his Stronger Brains tech team. 

                  Data-Driven Cognitive Training Program

Adaptive, gamified exercises designed to remodel the brain, improving cognitive abilities and social-emotional wellness

(45 minutes per day) while having fun!

                  Mentoring and Personalized Assistance

Stronger Brains has developed an effective model that delivers better outcomes for the user through mentoring and personalized empowerment, engaging activities, and calming techniques that prepare the brain for training.


                    World-class Brain Science Curriculum

Dr. Michael Merzenich has developed a unique curriculum enriched with amazing facts about the brain and how every user can build a stronger brain. 

                    Scientifically validated and evidence-based Measurement

Stronger Brains tools are scientifically validated. Stronger Brains prides itself on transparency and accountability through continuous measurement and reporting of outcomes.

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