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Testimonials of PACE clients

I cannot believe the complete change for the better that I see in my son now. In just those 12 short weeks he has become stronger in all of his school work. He now reads everything he sees, and before I couldn't get him to read a thing. We would struggle together for hours every night trying to get through his homework. Now he comes home with 100's and high marks on most of his papers. He also has become much more confident in himself and in everything he does. Before coming to training he was a sad and sometimes very moody child. Now he is bright and happy and so eager to learn anything he can. I really think it is the best program around. My son is reading entire books now, and before he wouldn't read anything.

Jeannine K.


Adam's grades have improved, and he spells better. He even plays and reads his music better. The program was GREAT!

Diane M.


The program has truly proven to be an answer to our prayers. Frustration led us to try anything that came our way. We're glad we tried this! Something was stifling John's potential, and I was so afraid he would just tire of the frustration and give up before we  found help for him. After completing the program, John is like a different child. Before training, John's own words were: "Nobody can make me like school." Now John is a participant in his classroom. It's a world of difference now when he leaves for school in the morning as well as when he comes home. John is happy and has developed a new self-confidence that allows him to face his school work and work to his full potential. My husband and I are grateful to the training program, but much more important is the brighter future ahead for John.

Ruth W.


Nicholas has more self-confidence than he had before, he is doing just fine in school and he challenges himself to read things now. He will read on his own now for 30 minutes at a time. He is getting his work finished at school. The school systems, especially reading teachers, need to be informed of your program and what to look for in a student with problems.

Judy E.


Before Travis started the program, it would take him three hours to do an hour and a half of homework. His teacher complained about his behavior. He would talk out of turn. He wouldn't listen. After the training Travis is like a different kid. His report card improved dramatically. This program is truly amazing.

Darlene S.


My son's biggest weakness before starting the program was that he was not a good reader, which caused problems in all classes. He would reverse letters and substitute words in his reading and was also a very choppy reader. I feel that the training sessions have made Jeremiah more confident in himself, which is reflected in his school work. His skills have been strengthened through training. By using these skills in his school work he is able to concentrate on assignments and get them completed with fewer errors and less effort put forth. The variety of drills made it exciting to go to training. The program has made him a more fluent reader with fewer letter reversals. After only a few weeks of training, he was more comfortable and even volunteered to read before his class.

Jody K.


When Adam first started the program he was missing things on his homework and changing letters around. Also, his concentration and ability to complete his work on time was not good. After spending 12 weeks in the program, Adam has improved in all areas that he was poor in. I can't get over the improvements he has made.  

Bonnie B.


Esme enjoyed the program from the first session to the last. Her therapist was a friendly, encouraging partner in the process and is one of those special people who Esme will always be indebted to for all the important skills she helped Esme understand and master. Although the program meant a financial sacrifice for us, I would encourage any parent to make the investment. What price can be put on a child being taught to read better and understand; to concentrate and remember; to start a task and complete it? These are the building blocks of self-respect and success.

Peg S.


Very good program!  After going through the program successfully with two of my children, I can highly recommend it for anyone with any questions about their child’s performance. I truly believe Matthew would have had a tougher time in school this fall if he hadn't had training.

Ellen T.


Amy has displayed more awareness of the world around her without becoming involved in distractions. She is more assertive and curious than before. She feels that she is achieving in her world and is proud of this accomplishment. Amy seems to be able to stay "on task" more easily. She continues to work on this deficit as she knows that it is a weakness.

Dee A.


I brought John in for the screening because I felt I had done everything I could for him at home and knew he needed some type of additional help. I'm thrilled with the results of the program. John now enjoys reading and can cut and draw a straight line! The grades on his report card have improved. Even his teacher noticed. John also enjoys school more. He no longer asks once a week to stay home. I was always afraid he was going to be one of those kids that were just passed from class to class. Now he knows that he can make it successfully!

Carol A.


We have noticed a more positive attitude and he's more aggressive in completing his homework. We feel he will benefit over the long term from these sessions. His concentration has improved significantly. He told us he can listen to his teachers talk and take notes at the same time. He couldn't do this before these sessions.

Jack F.


Nicholas brings books home to read and gets work done in school. He pays more attention and seems to concentrate better. I like what it has done for Nick so far in school and at home.

David E.


Our son Aaron, struggled through six years of school and we could not find out exactly where his problems were coming from. Finally, after discovering this type of training, we decided to enroll him in the 10-week program. His self-confidence and self-esteem are up and this program has helped him understand better. He has a greater desire to learn, can more quickly do his school work, and his attitude about things is much brighter. We'd like to recommend training to anyone considering it. The "before and after" of Aaron's case tells the story. We are thoroughly convinced of this program's value.

Kristin K.


Before training, our son quickly became frustrated with his work and, thus, had a really limited attention span. Now, after going through the program, he has a much better attention span and a greater interest in reading. With his improved attention span, I'm sure he will be able to do much better in school

next year.

Nancy H.

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