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Overview of the Primary Montessori Math Program

Math is logic, sequence, order, and the extrapolation of truth. In the Montessori philosophy, it's stated that the child has a 'mathematical mind' and an internal drive to understand the environment around him or her. It can, therefore, be said that children have an inborn attraction for math. Their minds are full of energy that propels them to absorb, manipulate, classify, order, sequence, abstract, and repeat. These tendencies help the child to acquire a greater depth to his/her mathematical knowledge.  

It is the precision of the presentations and the exactness of the Montessori math materials that attract children in Montessori Math. Children at the young age of Kindergarten time are in the process (sensitive period) of fine-tuning their perceptions. Children are sensitive to minute changes in order, sequence, and size. They will notice a tiny bug in the crack of the sidewalk whereas adults will walk by without notice.

The exercises of Montessori Math offer children the 'keys' that they will need to send them on the road to further exploration and maturation of the mathematical mind. The ways in which the materials are ordered allows the children to complete full intellectual cycles that help them to achieve the freedom to think independently.

Early math is made up of many little details that form a whole, but each detail is complete unto itself. All early math exercises are worked at the sensorial level so as to ensure that the child relates the quantity to the symbol.

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