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Processing and Cognitive Skills Enhancement

PACE brain training works on improving the six main cognitive skills

  1. Auditory Processing

  2. Visual Processing

  3. Memory

  4. Attention

  5. Processing Speed

  6. Logic & Reasoning

Pace brain training is

  • based on the best scientific research available and is continually modified to incorporate new scientific data.

  •  targets and trains those skills that are most likely to have a meaningful impact on learning performance and academic abilities.

  • provided individually to achieve significant results quickly.

  • consists of sequenced procedures to challenge, not to bore or frustrate the student.

  •  provided on a one-on-one basis to allow immediate feedback (error correction and positive reinforcement).

  •  improves the student's self-esteem by allowing him or her to actually see the difference in his or her own performance.

  •  drives new skills to the subconscious so that they become habitual and automatic.

  •  procedures appear to be non-academic so that they are different from the schoolwork with which the student may have had negative experiences.

  • develops meaningful skills that are used in the student's daily activities so that there is a high level of retention.

  •  produces valuable results (there is a high return) when considering the committed effort, time, and finances.

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