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Eck·stein [ˈɛkʃtain] NOUN m, germanˈcor·ner·stone

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Our brain training program is the cornerstone to learning success upon which we build on with different structured multi-sensory learning methods.

Strong cognitive skills (learning skills) are the foundation of learning.  All other “content learning” (most of what we learn in school) builds on this foundation.

Just as when a new house is being built, the structure of the house depends on a strong foundation. The cornerstone is the first stone in the construction of the foundation and therefore the most important piece of the whole structure. All other stones will be set in reference to this stone, thus determining the strength of the entire house.

If you build a house on a weak foundation or the cornerstone is wobbly, it does not matter how well you are trying to build the new house, it will just be a matter of time before the house will start to crumble.

This analogy shows the correlations of strong cognitive skills and learning success.

All students want to be successful learners. If your child has weak cognitive skills, learning will remain a constant struggle.

Find out if the root cause of your child’s learning struggles is weak cognitive skills.

Brain training will strengthen your child’s cognitive skills so that learning can be easier, faster and more enjoyable.


Call or email today to schedule a cognitive skills assessment.

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